The Eternal Seduction
L: 231cm, B: 132cm, frame thickness: 6.5cm
Material: Snakeskin leather frame, back panel Collonil leather, brass, piano lacquer
Various mixing techniques
Also with gold leaf
Better men
Jonty Hurwitz
2016 | 70cm x 70cm x 120 cm
Bronze, wood and parabolic mirror
Dark walnut and bronze
Using parabolic mathematics, this work is an exploration of how the perceptions of society affect how we feel about ourselves.
and the Pea: 190 x 38 x 42cm
Substructure: 63 x 43 x 21cm
Material: Aluminium / chromium / wood / chromium lacquer
Hand-wrought, ground, polished, double-walled
including individual peas, likewise soldered, wrought and ground, bent and formed
Grenades, Joy and Sorrow
12.3 x 12.3 x 50cm
Sculpted in marble, fuses varicoloured: alabaster and lacquered chromium stainless steel
Photo-realistic piano lacquer
2.60m x 1.30m
The Queen
Material: Brass / bronze | dimensions: 200x380x105cm front, 11cm back | secret compartment with scorpion | plinth: rosewood, at least 10 x lacquered + polished, 230x60x65cm | square timber support of the plinth also in brass / bronze, 90x11x10cm
Hand-wrought and formed
Structure manually processed and manually polished
Cartridge handcrafted and soldered in
Wood structure brass rail manually engraved using a steel pin.
Little Red Riding Hood
Jonty Hurwitz
#2 of 5
2017 | 80 x 450 x 250cm
Cylinder 50cm, diameter 10.5cm
Permanent collection of the Savoy, London. We believe in superstition as an irrational response to our lack of understanding.
The Savoy Cat in White Bronze
Series Nightfall
Size 100 x 100cm
Edition #2/9
The Seduction of lo
Dimensions: 101x85x80cm
Material: Body in wood
Covering Chanel fabric
Armchair hand-painted in accordance with the old method
Covering Chanel fabric
Body in wood, lacquered several times, polished
Multicolour painted to own pattern
White gold
Jonty Hurwitz
An anamorphic sculpture about the technological singularity
Raw Bronze, #4 of 9
150cm x 20cm x 40,5cm
"The technological singularity" is a future time speculated in science fiction. At the singularity moment, a human made machine will design a machine more advanced than itself. This moment will mark the end of mankind's dominance. The singularity is the moment that machines become more intelligent than us. Some analysts expect the singularity to occur sometime in the 21st century, although their estimates vary -Wikipedia.
The technological singularity is only one example of a boundary in spacetime. The sound barrier, the melting point of ice, the Lagrangian point are but a few other examples.
This sculpture offers a personal and emotional spacetime boundary that each of us crosses several times in our lives. It represents that moment when a personal epiphany emerges in your life that changes your perspective for ever. The Hurwitz Singularity. It is calculated from a precise 4 dimensional scan of my own head. I wanted to capture my physical being in as much detail as technology allowed. It felt appropriate to be able to analyse myself at the highest resolution that modern science could record spacetime. This sculpture evolved when I was deep in Freudian Therapy. Four days a week on the sofa blazing new trails from the road that Sigmund Freud first mapped. To my analyst I dedicate this piece. Dr Sanchez Bernal this is the Hurwitz Singularity!
Tattoo couch
Dimensions: 160x83x63cm
Couch built to own plans, tattoo + painted | Upholstery / patina as Berluti / waxing, everything pure handwork
Material: Natural leather (difficult to obtain in this size and thickness).
Patina to own recipe
Tattooing: Graphics, patterns, colouring of the tattoo to own template
Symbols: Dragon, lotus flower, Japanese characters
Ideology: Long life
Jonty Hurwitz
Bronze, wood and chromium
45 x 40 x 40 cm
Sometimes in life you fall. Fall from love, fall from grace, fall from self, fall from dreams. This is a sculpture of the beautiful hand that caught my soul as it plummeted. I am forever grateful.
The Hand That Caught Me Falling
Glass plate: 215 x 170 x 1.5 cm, facet = 1.8cm
Pedestal root / branch: 148 x 75cm
Material: Bronze, brass
Formed and forged
All handwork
Inspiration: From nature, trees and roots, plants moving towards the sun, change from day to night, therefore this form, glass plate light
Root wooden table
Dimensions: 250x120x79cm
Type of wood – our secret
Feet piano lacquer (12 coats)
Layers of epoxy resin and 24-carat gold have been moulded into the table top (crystal clear)


12.10.2017 Seifenfabrik Lauterach
An exhibition of works with "The Queen" and "Hands Off"
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