Universe Hermann
Producer of Concept Art
by Christiane Maehr
He is down-to-earth with a tendency to haute couture. He digs in the earth with his bare hands and handles his works of art with velvet gloves.

Over many years he grew the best vegetables in his fields in the Vorarlberg southern Rhine valley. Today he creates art which you would think is only to be found in the Big Apple. He is driven by his own thoughts and yet seems to be at rest within himself. He allows himself to be inspired by nature just as by people, towns and cities, architecture and other artwork and artists. He thinks laterally where others see only straight lines. He already has his goal in his mind's eye where others cannot see the wood for the trees. He is an individualist but willingly works in a team as only the best craftsmen, material experts and artists know that knowing and being able to are not the same things. He has made sustainability a high priority for years – whether as a farmer who lives and works in harmony with nature or as an artist who creates unique pieces.

It appears that Hermann lives in a world full of contrasts. As if two souls were living in his breast. As if he has withdrawn from agriculture in order to enter the world of art.

But in truth and at heart, Hermann is still a vegetable farmer. And precisely because his love of nature and foodstuff is greater than complying with a requirements specification, he allows new ideas to flourish: away from the barcode, back to the roots of sowing and harvesting. Hermann was just the same throughout his life as an artist and, as a farmer, ensured that a plant springs from a seed. This process, which to many appears to be self-explanatory or even "natural", for him represents the noble art of vegetable growing.

But today he is more than ever also the producer of his concept art. He orchestrates his visions by directing the artistic plays which stretch from the first inspiration to the final finishing touches of a project. He provides the templates for the creation of his thoughts – in spoken or written words, in the form of drawings, photographs or with his very own hands. Art already starts here because it is a valid case of turning the ideas of a free spirit into comprehensible words or images. Now and then the materials which are worked with show themselves to be as equally unpredictable as nature. And despite this, Hermann still demands the best craftsmanship and artistic performance in the materialization of his ideas through process-oriented work. That in doing so, some things don't always go according to plan is a part of the artistic creation process. When every object is actually unique, every step is a departure into the new and unknown.

„It appears that Hermann lives in a world full of contrasts. As if two souls were living in his breast. As if he has withdrawn from agriculture in order to enter the world of art.“


Art Basel/Miami
30 November - 5 December 2021
Rudolf Budja Galerie - Miami/Salzburg
Next Street Gallery - Paris
Modus Art Gallery - Paris
Art Basel/Miami
03.12. - 08.12.2019
International Art Fair
10.08. - 18.08.2019
12.10.2017 Seifenfabrik Lauterach


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